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About Us


OKABERRY AÇAÍ BOWLS is a company planed to fill a gap in the food Market: the healthy fast food. Not everybody have time enough to eat in a benefical and energetic way. Our mission is to deliver a tasty, natural and nutritious experience, in no time.

We wanna change the way the fast-food market is seen and tought; our time and health are both necessary factors for our life quality. That’s why we created OAKBERRY.

Lack of time wont be an excuse for eating unhealthy anymore.

In approximately 2 minutes, your OAKBERRY BOWL will be ready, on demand, with your favorite toppings and the quality you already know.

How We Do It

Our açaí is being prepared for you right now. Our perfect calibrated machines are working 24/7 to give our açaí the right density, taste and texture that our fellow #oakers deserve.
You pick your bowl size and toppings, one by one, with the help of one of our employees that will do everything in minimum time and maximum quality and pattern.


Our Product

Our Açaí is Organic certified and 100% Natural. We are FDA approved/Kosher/Lactose Free/Gluten Free/GMO free and carry no trans fat, cholesterol, or food colourings.
The process used by OAKBERRY assures our Açaí holds the maximum of its nutrients and vitamins. The OAKBERRY Açaí is a natural source of antioxidants, fiber, iron, Omega 6, Omega 9 and Vitamin C.
You can call it “The superfood”. It is, indeed.



Organic açai pulp, water, organic sugar, organic blue agave syrup, stabilizer sodium alginate, guarana natural flavor and acidulant citric acid. Gluten Free!

“… the fruit is a true natural energetic, unlike so many that are not energetic but mere stimulants.”



  • Banana
  • Côco Ralado
  • Granola Tradicional Light
  • Granola de Banana e Cacau
  • Granola de Castanha e Mel
  • Granola de Maçã e Canela
  • Aveia
  • Castanha de Caju
  • Chia
  • Leite Ninho
  • Leite Moça
  • Mel Orgânico


  • Leite Moça Light
  • Paçoca Diet
  • Whey Protein
  • Morango
  • PB – Pasta de Amendoim com Mel Orgânico


Where To Find


Florida Mall


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